Cash Dispensers

Arca's family of OEM currency handling products have the quality, reliability, and advanced feature functionality required to offer true value-add and control the up-front design and recurring product support cost.

Fujitsu F510

Dual Service Dispenser

Genmega SCDU-E

Highly compatible design and flexible capacity in one simple device.

Fujitsu F53 & F56

The Small Footprint Family

Cash Recycling

Freestanding OEM cash recyclers with additional deposit capacity designed to integrate easily into back office cash solutions for retail, commercial banking and cash-in-transit (CIT) companies.

ARCA OM61 Cash Recycler

The final piece of your OEM back office cash solution.

Hitachi HCM2

Build your cash recycling solution on a rock-solid foundation.

Encrypting PIN Pads (EPP)

Financial institutions, retailers and other companies offering self payment or unattended payment require the use of PIN pads that perform encryption that meets the standards of 3DES and RSA in order to provide the most secure payment option for their customers.

Cryptera EPP 1215

High-traffic, self-service PIN Pad

Cryptera EPP 1217

Multiple connectivity and integration options

Cryptera EPP 1218

Secure 3DES-compliant input device

Cryptera EPP 2200

Rugged, secure and cost effective

Check Scanners

A selection of high quality and reliable OEM Reiner scanner modules for self-service applications.

Reiner RS 891

Single Feed Scanner

Reiner RS 893

Bundle Feed Scanner


Often unappreciated, but vitally important, software makes the world work. Arca’s team of software engineers is experts on the many challenges of working with cash. We offer a variety of software solutions that make integration and your job easier.


Bridging the gap between software and hardware