Why Arca

We design and build the most reliable cash automation solutions in the industry. Then we make sure you get the right solution for your needs and help you maximize the ROI of your solution for as long as you have it. Being your partner every step of the way is the Arca Difference.

Reliable and Flexible by Design

Our design and manufacturing standards have earned our products an outstanding reputation for quality and reliability in our industry.



From design to manufacturing to testing, we build a quality product. Then we provide comprehensive professional services beginning with sales and continued support throughout the life of that product. We have TCRs in the field that are well over 10 years old due to the quality of the product and our proactive maintenance.



We say it, our customers say it, our partners say it, “Arca products just work”. We have a device uptime of 99.6%. Our products are built on the same proven platform with unparalleled performance. Intelligent designed failsafes allow continuous operation of devices.



Modular product design allows our products to be easily customized to your needs and ensures parts availability . But even more importantly, as a company, we are able to operate with more agility than our competitors. This has allowed us not only to maintain but shorten our delivery lead times despite global supply chain issues.

Solutions Consultants

Our Expertise

Arca Solutions Consultants are cash automation experts. They understand the needs of a financial institution at every level from IT, CEO and Operations down to the end user… the tellers.

When you work with Arca, your Solutions Consultant is your partner in:

  • Identifying the right devices to meet your needs
  • Establishing best practices once your TCRs are implemented
  • Helping you get the most value from your devices
  • Developing strategic plans for the future

Who We Are

Arca Solution Consultants engage with prospects and Arca Direct Customers and Indirect Partners to understand customer cash challenges and design ideal financial and retail solutions to meet their business needs.

What We Do

During your initial call with an Arca Solution Consultant, they will take a deep dive to understand the problems you face in your current cash environment. They are experienced in helping customers with challenges like:

  • No automation technology
  • Old technology
  • Integration challenges
  • Teller acceptance of technology
  • Branch transformation strategy
  • Managing cash volumes
  • Staffing challenges

By understanding the scope of work, Arca Solution Consultants can determine the best approach to move forward in implementing the right solution to meet your cash automation requirements.

How We Do It

Arca Solution Consultants have several approaches to provide prospects and existing Arca’s customers with a tailored solution to meet all their current and future cash automation needs.

Onsite Branch Analysis

Solution Consultants will collect data through a Branch Questionnaire to analyze the cash operations of each branch. Based on the questionnaire feedback, Arca Solution Consultant’s will recommend the best solution for that specific branch environment. Solution Consultant’s will provide an ROI business case for the FI’s internal usage.

Phone Solution

During an introduction call, you will be introduced to a Solution Consultants will address how automation fits into your branch dynamic.

Policy and Procedural Review

When automation is implemented, we know that a lot of policies or procedures will need to change to see the benefits of deploying cash recyclers. Arca Solutions Consultants will meet with various members of the team for a round table discussion around each P&P to discuss best practices to ensure efficiencies are being met.

Post-Installation Analysis

Solution Consultants will conduct an onsite visit to collect data and observe the processes that were used to analysis the best solution to ensure the benefits are being received. Identify areas of improvement and provide refresher training as needed and strengthen teller acceptance.

Enterprise Deployment Plan

Arca Solution Consultants will work with prospects and existing customers to address future needs for an optimal efficiencies network wide. They will work to address branch refreshes, traditional and innovative deployment plans.


Arca Solution Consultants will provide you with the best integration method to deploy your recyclers for a seamless teller and operational/back-office experience.

Customer Focused

Our Approach

The right solution is built around you. That’s why we’re committed to understanding your needs and your goals. Our work to solve your problem begins long before we meet you.

Our approach to designing, building, and delivering our products is (customer focused) based on our extensive industry knowledge and customer service expertise. We know the right solution depends on your needs and what you want to accomplish.

We work closely with you to analyze your processes and determine your goals for cash automation—engaging with everyone to identify the most effective solutions. For us, it’s about flexibility and finding the right solution that allows you to:

  • Deliver personalized service
  • Focus on relationships
  • Listen to your customers and learn their product needs
  • Retrofit cash recyclers into existing infrastructure
Cheerful business professionals laughing during a briefing

Arca Project Management

Precision coordination and worry-free deployment.

The first advantage in our 5 Point Service Advantage is the Arca Project Management Team. These professionals manage cash recycler installations and the integration processes for our customers. They also coordinate TCR or retail cash recycler moves, cassette upgrades, and removal and disposal of obsolete equipment.

When you purchase a new teller cash recycler or retail cash recycler, your Arca Project Manager will contact you to confirm the details of your order and provide you with information to prepare for your installation. They will send you several documents including a Site Preparation Guide. This guide is designed for your specific system and will describe space and power requirements and networking information for your IT staff.

Your Project Manager will then schedule an Installation Kick Off Call. This call, approximately 30 days prior to the installation, is very important as it makes sure everyone is working together as a team with the same expectations. The Kick Off Call is the opportunity to answer any questions concerning the installation process.

All stakeholders should be in attendance including your main contact, IT contact, facilities managers, operation managers, and customer facing staff like tellers or cashiers. Arca staff on the Kick Off Call will include your Project Manager, a Senior Support Technician and Senior Installation Technician.

During the Kick Off Call, your Project Manager will describe what the installation process will look like at your location so you will have a clear understanding of what to expect on that day. They will walk you through what the Arca trained and certified installation team will do onsite to properly deliver, install and connect the hardware.

Your Arca Project Manager’s goal is to take the worry out of the installation and integration process. They will also remain your contact for service for the life of your Arca system, so if you have a problem, you know who to call.

Arca Project Management – another advantage in our comprehensive, 5 Point Service Advantage, providing you with the best customer service in the industry. Freeing you to focus on your business and your customers.

Installation & Training

Meticulous delivery and integration with one on one instruction.

Arca Installation and Training is another advantage in our Arca 5 Point Service Advantage. These Arca experts ensure your new equipment is properly and safely installed at your location or locations. They make sure everything is working and then train your staff so they are fully prepared to operate the cash recycler.

What does an installation look like?

Your Arca Installation and Training Technician will arrive at your location and lead the installation of your new equipment. Your Arca hardware will be delivered by two additional technicians, or riggers, who specialize in moving heavy equipment.

The team will ensure the path to the installation site is clear and will lay material to protect the flooring. The Arca machine will be carefully brought into the branch on a standard pallet jack.

Once the unit is in place, the Arca Technician will connect the hardware and software to your location systems. They will configure the recycler to your specifications and confirm that the unit is functioning properly.

Once installation and integration is complete, the Arca Installation and Training Technician will train the customer facing staff how to operate the hardware and will remain on-site throughout the day to assist and answer any questions.

The Arca Technician will be there as the staff perform their transactions, making sure they are comfortable with the new processes and are fully prepared. And at the end of the day the technician will assist with balancing to make sure there is a complete understanding of the recycler’s operation.

Arca Installation and Training – another advantage in our comprehensive, 5 Point Service Advantage, providing you with the best customer service in the industry. Freeing you to focus on your business and your customers. 

Certified Field Technician Network

Hands-on experts assisting at your location.

Our network of Arca Certified Field Technicians is another advantage in our Arca 5 Point Service Advantage.

Arca has invested in training and certifying more than 720 Arca field technicians. These expert technicians perform routine cleaning and preventive maintenance on your cash automation equipment.

The technicians make sure your machines are running at peak performance, to extend the cash recycler’s operational life and maximize your benefits and returns.

Arca Field Certified Technicians will also come to your location to solve a problem if it can’t be remedied over the phone by our Live Help Desk Support. Most Arca Certified Field techs are able to respond and resolve a problem in less than four hours after they are notified.

Arca has more than 720 Arca Trained and Certified Field Technicians

Whether they are visiting your branch or store for a preventative maintenance visit or a specific service call, Arca Certified Technicians perform a 20 point inspection on your machines. This includes a thorough cleaning and any adjustments that may be necessary.

Arca Certified Field Technician Network – another advantage in our comprehensive, 5 Point Service Advantage, providing you with the best customer service in the industry. Freeing you to focus on your business and your customers.

Live Help Desk Support

Ready to help from our US headquarters in North Carolina.

Another advantage in our Arca 5 Point Service Advantage is the Arca Live Help Desk Support.

The Arca North American Help Desk Support Team can be reached at 866-377-2722 or support@arca.com. They are available Monday through Friday, 7:30am to 9:00pm and Saturday 9:00am to 5:00 pm, EST.

The Arca United Kingdom Help Desk Support Team can be reached at +44-114 3032275 or uktechservices@arca.com

Arca Remote Support Connection

If you wish to open a Remote Support Connection for assistance you can use the link below. This will allow an Arca Technical Support Team Member to see and fully access all the functions of the user’s computer for support purposes.

By initiating this connection, the user understands that an Arca support technician will be able to see and fully access all the functions of the user’s computer. Users should confirm with their appropriate security authority to determine the permissibility before proceeding.

Open Remote Support Connection

Additional Help

As with any high-performance machine, cash automation equipment should be properly and routinely maintained. We offer many technical support services to keep your cash flowing.

Arca technology is designed for the user to easily handle most issues themselves. Video instructions on the touch screens provide assistance with easy to follow directions.

Arca Care

Keeping a watchful eye on your investment.

Proactive performance monitoring.

One of the many advantages in Arca’s 5 Point Service Advantage is Arca Care, our comprehensive service portal. Arca Care’s automatic reporting system allows us to monitor the health of your machine and detect a performance issue before it becomes a problem, maximizing your device’s uptime. It’s a service portal where service history, machine data and technician information come together to form a complete performance picture.

How it works.

Arca teller cash recyclers and retail cash recyclers have the ability to send a log file automatically, on a daily basis to the Arca Care database. The log is an outbound file that is received by Arca then decrypted, allowing the Arca Care team to see any areas of concern or where support may be needed.

Is the data transmission safe from an IT security perspective?

Yes. The log files are outbound, one-way, encrypted data files. The data allows Arca to assess behavior of a device during a specific period of time.The log files do not contain any proprietary information. TCRs and retail cash recyclers are not able to receive inbound messages.

Why Arca Care? Here are a few of the benefits:

Increases efficiency

  • Issues are diagnosed on a remote basis, saving valuable maintenance time and unnecessary equipment outages.
  • Service technicians know the issues and bring the right parts on the first call 93% of the time.
  • Prioritizes higher maintenance (preventive/corrective) actions.
  • Data collection is automatic allowing analysis to begin immediately.

Prolongs productivity

  • Reduces/eliminates unnecessary downtime and emergency repairs.
  • Extends equipment life.
  • Expands maintenance intervals.
  • Moves from the typical “time-­based maintenance” to a “condition-­based maintenance” approach.


How do I enroll?

Verify your Arca cash recycler is connected to the network and contact The ArcaHelp Desk at (919) 442-5340 or support@arca.com for details about set up and transmission frequency.

How do I access Arca Care?

Click here!