Arca cash solutions deliver fast, secure cash automation to lower the cost of cash for retail businesses.

Total Cash Control

Arca retail cash solutions automate cash handling and provide visibility and control of cash inventory.

In retail environments, cash recyclers significantly reduce low-value, repetitive labor around cash management. Cash automation can halve the time staff spends on starting floats, note and coin counting, till sweeps and swaps, cashier reconciliation and preparing deposits.

Our cash intelligence software suite monitors, reports and analyzes cash flow adding security and accountability to your cash.


Automate. Alleviate. Accelerate.

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For retailers around the world, the costs of cash management — counting, storing, securing and transporting it — are staggering. Cash handling consumes valuable staff time that would be better spent in front of customers.

Time consuming cash activities, like issuing tills, reconciling, preparing deposits and managing CiT require your most expensive labor, your management staff. Whatever your business, it’s highly likely you are spending far too much time and money handling cash.

Cash recyclers and coin solutions automate manual cash processes to recover hours of valuable labor. When machines handle cash, people are free to focus on the things machines can’t do, like operating a business and delivering great customer service.


In a manual cash management system, cash is touched an average of six times during hand-to-hand cash exchanges between cashiers and management. Every cash touch increases the risk of error or theft.

But cash automation adds a layer of visibility and accountability by creating an electronic record of transactions throughout the cash cycle. By limiting touch points, cash recyclers and cash management software increase security and reduce risk. And when cash automation solutions are integrated with a retailer’s IT systems, they communicate with banks and CiT services to give faster access to working capital with provisional credit.


Our experience shows us what works in amusement parks may not be the best solution for grocery. So Arca has developed a cash intelligence suite of cash automation systems that are simple and integrate into your business seamlessly.


Retail Cash Intelligence

Arca retail cash automation solutions reduce the costs, labor and risk of cash and get you out of the cash office and in front of your customers.

The Benefits of Cash Automation

For retail businesses, cash automation adds a layer of accountability, security and control to cash. The benefits of automating cash processes can be felt throughout the business.

Increase revenue and lower cost

Employees are freed to develop relationships and offer new services to customers and eliminate wasted time and effort counting and corralling cash.

Save money

Recyclers are rated for overnight cash storage. With no need to clear cash daily, you can reduce labor and cash-in-transit costs.

Save Time

Automating deposit, validation, denominational sorting, counting, storage and dispensing cash saves tellers as much as 90 minutes a day.

Increase safety

Cash automation lowers the amount of cash in the branch environment, reducing risk and increasing the odds a robber would choose a different target.

Use cash more efficiently

Recyclers allow you to operate efficiently with less cash-on-hand in each branch, maximize note recirculation and reducing cash-in-transit costs.

Increase customer satisfaction

Assisted self-service terminals allow customers to complete their transactions on their own and call for a teller if they need assistance.

“We have happy tellers, happy members, and happy management.”

Kori Nicholas, Branch Manager, Star One Credit Union


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