Cash is a lot of work.

Arca makes it easy.

Cash is a lot of work. Arca makes it easy.

At Arca, we believe automation doesn’t replace people, it makes them better.

Since 1998, our cash automation technologies have delivered undeniable value to financial institutions and retail businesses by saving them time and money. We work with customers all over the world to understand their cash problems and they trust us to deliver the right solution for their needs.

With corporate headquarters in North Carolina, Arca has worldwide offices in Italy, France, and the UK with customers in more than 50 countries.

The Arca worldwide
leadership team.

Hank Winfield

President and Chief Financial Officer

Joseph Hancock

Chief Technology Officer

Stefano Parmegiani

Chief Manufacturing and Supply Chain Officer


Arca Values


  • We put customers first.
  • Our customers are the reason we are here and they are at the center of everything we do. Our approach to cash automation focuses on first understanding our customers’ needs.


  • We deliver great technology.
  • We encourage experimentation in pursuit of better products. We are proud of what we make.


  • We embrace change.
  • We believe there is always a better way to do something and we are committed to continuous improvement of our people, our products and our processes. Learning is a lifelong pursuit.


  • We show respect to all people.
  • By honoring our commitments and holding ourselves accountable to each other and to our customers, partners and external stakeholders, we show respect.

The Arca Story

Tapping into the unmet needs of customers.

Arca has worldwide offices in the US, Italy, France and the UK with customers in more than 50 countries. But it hasn't always been this way. The idea for Arca came to founder Mort O'Sullivan while he was learning how to brew beer in Scotland.


In 1998, O'Sullivan was studying to become a Master Brewer at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland. He had previously worked at Compuflex, a company that develops software to control cash automation hardware. Compuflex asked O’Sullivan to assist on a project with the Bank of Ireland and NCR. Together, they were able to successfully bring a new cash dispensing system to the oldest bank in Ireland.


Afterward, O’Sullivan began to think there may be untapped potential for cash automation in the US. So he returned to New York City where he established Arca.Tech Systems in his apartment.

His first customers were businesses that needed equipment for use in self-service checkouts, kiosks, and ATMs. Those products were cash dispensing devices produced by third-party OEM manufacturers.


O'Sullivan recognized many of his customers were looking for a more affordable cash dispenser than was currently available on the market. So in 2000, the company released the Arca 2000, the company's first branded product, offering it at a fraction of the cost of the competition.


Arca relocated to the RTP area of North Carolina in 2001, positioning itself for growth.


Through a partnership with Italian manufacturer the CTS Group, the company was able to add more products to its portfolio. One innovation was the cash recycler, an evolution of the cash dispenser. This device not only dispensed cash but accepted and stored notes as a deposit. Arca introduced the CM24, one of the first cash recyclers on the US market, in 2004.


Seven years after opening its doors in the United States, Arca expanded into Scotland, Ireland, and England. It was the beginning of a period of unparalleled success for Arca.


The company won a spot on the prestigious Inc 5000 list in 2007, an award that recognizes the fastest growing companies in the United States. Arca would go on to earn that distinction seven more times.


Arca followed up with the CM18 cash recycler in 2008. This device would become Arca's flagship product with over 26,000 units sold worldwide. The CM18 proved so reliable that Arca replicated the platform in the design of many other models.


After a period of extraordinary success, Arca purchased the CTS Group in 2014, consolidating efforts and extending their global reach.


Today, Arca is a leader in the cash automation industry.

Their customers include financial institutions, retail businesses, and OEM self-service checkout and kiosk manufacturers. They offer multiple systems that increase efficiency, reduce costs and increase revenue.

Arca's successful performance has been recognized and honored by many of the industry's most prestigious award organizations.