Cryptera EPP 2200

Rugged, secure and cost effective

The Cryptera EPP 2200 Encrypting PIN Pad (EPP) features an enhanced backlit LCD display. The monochrome LCD backlit display that measures 68x30mm with an onscreen graphic size of 128×64 pixels. Easy connectivity to various terminals through USB and RS-232 ports

Inside the unit, the EPP 2200 features Triple DES key encryption that complies with PCI standards for secure payments and data input. Built for rugged use, the keyboard is lifetime is rated to one million cycles.

Like all Cryptera Encrypting PIN Pads, the EPP 2200 supports Remote Key Loading from Cryptera, giving customers an open-standard, flexible on-line key loading solution that is more secure and cost-effective than traditional dual-control split knowledge key installation and maintenance.

  • Enhanced backlit LCD display allows users to clearly read input data
  • Provides deployers with advanced security features to keep up with changing standards and regulations
  • Resists attempts at fraudulent attacks results in the destruction of secure data
  • Easy connectivity to various terminals through USB and RS-232 ports
  • Ruggedized design can withstand both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Able to withstand external force, liquid penetration and intense heat
  • Operates on standard software that supports common encryption algorithms
  • Access to top EPP security experts in the industry through Cryptera support

  • Monochrome LCD backlit graphical display (68x30mm)
  • Stainless steel keys in a polymer keyboard frame
  • Watertight when properly installed (IP65 from front of keyboard)
  • 3DES and RSA support
  • USB and RS-232 interfaces
  • 512 KB Program
  • 128 KB Data (Key) Storage
  • Connectors for function keys and beeper
  • One million-cycle keyboard lifetime
  • Keyboard temperature range is -33C to +70C
  • Vandal resistance IK07
  • Ability to customize layouts
  • Numerical key size: 13×13 mm
  • Function key size: 13×22 mm
  • Raised keys with optional embossing
  • Embossing ( XOI< ) is an available option on function keys
  • Embossing ( +- ) is an available option on numerical keys. Raised dot available and normally used for 5-key
  • Weight approximately 438 grams (425 grams without gasket)
  • External measures:
    • Height approximately 130 mm
    • Width approximately 101 mm
    • Depth approximately 31 mm


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