Cash Recycling

The CM18 line of teller cash recyclers delivers proven performance and reliability. With a variety of options, the platform is designed for maximum flexibility for every cash environment in the branch.

Arca CM18 Evo

Intelligent and elegant.

Arca CM18b

Perfect balance.

Arca Vero Edge

Ultimate capacity, speed, and security.

Coin Handling

This is the perfect compliment to your cash recycling solution. By enabling coin dispensing at the teller line, you boost teller efficiency by shaving valuable seconds off every transaction.

Arca CC3R

Change has never been so easy.

Arca CR40 Coin Recycler

Slim design, small footprint coin recycler

Telequip Coin Dispenser

Accurate change, instantly.

JetSort Coin Sorter

Compact and powerful.


Often unappreciated, but vitally important, software makes the world work. ARCA’s team of software engineers is experts on the many challenges of working with cash. We offer a variety of software solutions that make integration and your job easier.

Arca Control

Total device control

Arca Insight

Retail cash analytics, monitoring, and reporting software