Arca R4000

Ultimate capacity, speed, and security.

The latest in cassette based technology.

The Arca R4000 (Vero Edge) is our fastest, highest capacity recycler with continuous feed input to process even the largest transactions quickly. A quick count function lets you to replace bulky currency counters and the latest cassette technology reduces double picking errors.

Unparalleled security features address several key points of cash exposure in the branch and mitigating those risks. An operational cassette is used to load and unload cash inventory and to perform the self-audit. Sophisticated counterfeit detection separates suspect notes from all other bills. And the Arca R4000 (Vero Edge) is capable of quick, self-auditing which is perfect for verifying large deposits so discrepancies can be addressed early rather than at the end of the day.

Our unique offering to the cassette-based recycler market is geared towards the future of cash automation.

  • Cassette recycling storage technology
  • Up to 15,850 Notes Dispense Only
  • Up to 13,900 Notes Recyclable
  • Input Bin: 500 Notes
  • Reject Bin: 300 Notes
  • Cassette Tamper Indicator
  • 10 notes/second continuous feed processing
  • Denomination Flexibility
  • Capacity:  Up to 500 banknotes per drum
  • Serial number recognition
  • Embedded error management
  • Automatic, unattended self-auditing
  • 8” tilting color touch screen

  • Dimensions (h × w × d): 26.8 x 14.7 x 44.4 in (681 x 374 x 1,128 mm)
  • Weight: 860 lb / 390 kg

The Arca Platform

Maximum uptime and flexibility

  • Configure cash cassettes for any currency denomination.
  • Create a custom bill mix with multiple cassettes of the same denomination.
  • Turn off any malfunctioning cassettes and resume normal device operation.
  • Easy to increase or decrease total capacity by adding or removing cassettes.

Unprecedented integration

  • Designed to integrate seamlessly into any modern branch without changing the teller application interface.
  • Certified direct integrations with all major middleware platforms.
  • Certified compatibility with most teller software applications.

Arca Care

  • Real-time, equipment performance monitoring for recyclers in the field.
  • Tracks and reports operational errors on TCRs to the Arca Care database.
  • Optimizes maintenance and service with predictive analytics.
  • Extends equipment life and expands service intervals.

Latest Technology

Continuously updated reader firmware


Right size, right fit

Perfect design and function for teller pods


Reliabe Performance

Delivers 99.2% device uptime


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