Arca Insight

Retail cash analytics, monitoring, and reporting software

Arca Insight is the one source to monitor cash data for everything from a single cash recycler in one store or the entire company. It’s a simple, secure location on the web to view, track, and report your cash activity in real-time.

The software collects, analyzes, and organizes back office transaction data. View your cash position remotely for each denomination, sales by cashier or register, or yesterday’s revenue. Store managers working remotely can instantly create new login IDs and timed access for employees.

  • With a secure, real-time connection to store devices and the cash transaction data they collect, Arca Insight gives you up to the minute sales data from your stores.
  • Your secure login enables you to review your cash position or run accounting reports from anywhere. And, your accounting team gets a clear view of the cash position for all stores, over any period, combining individual site reports on deposits and change orders.

  • Dashboard view of Cash Position from a store or enterprise level
  • Real-time view of all transactions in the back office
  • Store reports for closing registers, bank deposits, and store revenue
  • Enterprise reporting that combines data from multiple stores
  • Customizable time period for all reporting
  • Manages user logins and privileges for Arca Control and Arca Insight
  • 7+ years of secure data retention


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