Arca Control

Total device control

The application requires a unique login for each user, generating a complete audit trail of every transaction by every operator.

This detailed level of visibility provides accountability and eliminates the need for many time-consuming dual control processes, freeing management for more valuable work. You are able to consolidate daily transactions, produce detailed reports and review the cash flow for the entire store.

Arca Control is one part of a suite of software products that help retailers manage cash flow at the store level and across the enterprise.

  • The simple, intuitive software interface allows complete control of your Arca cash recycler for more efficient cash operations. With Arca Control cashiers manage their own pre-configured tills saving valuable labor hours at the beginning and end of shifts.
  • Supervisors and managers define user profiles, control cash access and manage cash inventory for easier forecasting of change order timing. It eliminates the need for pre-counting and verifying start funds in tills and generates reports that streamline balancing to the POS system.

Arca Control allows you to assign users to various cash roles to grant the appropriate level of access to functions:

  • Set start funds for each cashier for multiple tills per cashier
  • Define cash limits for individual users
  • Search and view transactions by date, user and see details of any transaction for any operator
  • Automate dual custody/verification for start funds, cash receipts and withdrawals
  • CIT profile allows CIT to perform specific operations with unique login and limited controls


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