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Star One Credit Union - Happy Tellers, Happy Members And Happy Management

Kori Nicholas: "My name's Kori Nicholas. I'm a Branch Manager at Star One Credit Union."

Kim Nicholas: "I'm Kim Nicholas at Star One Credit Union, and I'm the Branch Manager at our Stevens Creek branch."

Kori and Kim: "And yes, we're sisters".

Kori Nicholas: "Somebody will come to her branch, then go to my branch, and they're like, 'Wait a second, didn't I meet you at the other branch?' 'No, could've been my sister.' Like, 'Oh!' There's human error, and we've removed that error because we have installed recyclers and we 100% rely on those machines. We've eliminated all cash drawers, which has been a huge time savings for us. There have been no cash outages since installation."

Kim Nicholas: "Initially, staff were a little leery about it just because it was a brand new interface, but once they started using the machines, they realized the simplicity of it and they really developed comfort in that."

Kori Nicholas: "I think the greatest contribution these machines have made to staff is the peace of mind in their jobs. That, to me, speaks volumes. I've had staff come to me and say, "'oh my gosh, this is the best thing ever. Why didn't we get these a long time ago?' Star One strongly believes in cross-training their employees, and what used to take a couple tellers now can take one teller to do, which has allowed training to take place. Kim, for example, has a teller out learning lending."

Kim Nicholas: "The machines completely changed the dynamics that we're having with our members."

Kori Nicholas: "We're able to really spend more time with them, honing in on their financial needs versus just being a transaction. I've been on the project since day one researching other companies, and when we found Arca, the experience from the get-go, from first meeting, Arca walked us through every step of the way. The support that Arca has given us has just been exceptional, from the riggers, to the techs, standing behind the teller line, educating employees. As a result, we have happy tellers, happy members, and happy management. Pretty exciting, just to see how far we've come with these machines."