Belleville, France is a small town in the heart of the historical province of Beaujolais, famous for its wine and beautiful landscapes. The Intermarché Belleville is a 2500 square meter store with approximately 90 employees.

The Challenge

With expanding services, the store wanted to reduce the time staff spent managing cash so they would have more time to spend on their customers.

The owner of Intermarché Belleville needed to find ways to maximize efficiency in order to maintain existing staff levels while increasing the level of their customer service. When management analyzed store operations, they found cashiers and managers were spending a significant amount of time each day managing the cash in their tills.

Preparing daily cash funds for all the cashiers, reconciling those tills at the end of the day and preparing cash deposits could take managers one to two hours per day. Cashiers themselves also spent a lot of time in the back office counting and balancing their drawers. The owner realized all the time spent managing cash in the back office could be better spent on the sales floor delivering a better store experience for customers.

The Solution

Implement Arca cash automation solutions to improve cash handling efficiencies and get cashiers and management out of the back office and back onto the sales floor.

Other Intermarché stores were realizing great success with Arca cash automation devices to streamline back office cash processing. The store’s owner was impressed with Arca’s solutions and its strong reputation for reliability and excellent service within the Intermarché brand.

Using cash and coin recyclers to automate manual cash handling activities would streamline operations, saving the store time and money. At the end of the day, cashiers simply place their bills into the cash recycler and pour coin directly into the coin recycler and receive a receipt of the deposit for balancing. In the morning, they simply sign in to the solution and automatically receive the start funds for their drawer.

The Arca solution takes five minutes to deposit the cash and get a receipt.

Sabine, Cashier Manager, Intermarché Belleville

Sabine, the store’s Cashier Manager describes her experience coming to Intermarché Belleville from a store that did not have cash automation. “There was no Arca cash solution at the store where I worked before… Manually counting cash each day was time consuming. It took cashiers 15 minutes (to count each drawer). The Arca solution takes five minutes to deposit the cash and get a receipt.” she explains.

The Results

Implementing a cash and coin recycling solution has saved the store time and money and allowed staff to focus on customers while also reducing back office stress and improving security.

Coming to a store with the Arca solution has relieved of a lot of the stress involved in managing the back office for the Belleville cashier manager. She explains that each of the cashiers easily saves 30 minutes per day plus the hour per day that she saves in the back office.

“The Arca system counts everything for the cashiers thereby saving time. It’s also a time saver for us because, in the morning, we don’t have to prepare cash funds for all the cashiers. If there are 10 of them in the day, it’s a phenomenal time saver!” – Sabine, Cashier Manager

Almost as impressive as the solution itself, is how easy the technology was to learn and use. “When I first came to this Intermarché, I didn’t know about the Arca solution at all. I needed to be trained on it, but the training was quite fast since it is very easy to use.” says Sabine.

And because the cash recycler seals the deposit bag while it is still secured inside the machine, it eliminates any human contact with cash during deposit preparation and CiT pickup for better security. “Money is in the machines and not in our hands. We handle the cash much less, so there is less risk of human error.” she shared.

Sabine cannot not see herself going back manual cash processes now, “Indeed, I would advise my former company to equip itself with the Arca solution.”

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