The Federsee Health Center in the city of Bad Bachau in Baden-Württemberg, Germany is a health complex for rehabilitation services following medical procedures and treatments. It includes the Schlossklinik, Federseeklinik, “Gessundheits-Bad Buchau” thermal hotel with spa center and restaurants as well as the Adelindis thermal baths with saunas. These facilities provide a variety of housing, dining, bar, and recreational services for patients and their guests.

The Challenge

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the clinics and other facilities had to quickly establish and implement new health and safety procedures to keep staff and patients safe and ensure a healthy recovery environment.

Including the welcome desk and administration, the complex has ten points of sale, each with many daily cash transactions. Preparing multiple cash tills in the morning and counting them at night required significant labor hours and kept staff from more important work helping guests.

We clearly see an improvement compared from the previous system we were using and we are happy with the Arca Retail Back Office Solution and the service that NGZ provides.

Operations Manager, Federseeklinik

This led Federseeklinik to purchase a cash solution from a different manufacturer, but after using it for a while, management and staff were not happy with its performance. When faced with the numerous changes to procedures and new safety protocols presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, it was clear that the clinic would need a better cash solution.

They needed their staff to be focused on the operating challenges they would face in the coming months rather than managing cash.

The Solution

NGZ Geldzählmaschinengesellschaft mbH & Co. KG proposed the Arca Retail Back Office Recycling solution and worked hand in hand with the Federseeklinik to integrate the solution into their workflow.

Arca partner, NGZ, worked with Federseeklinik to define critical points that needed to be addressed and analyzed their options. NGZ then recommended the Arca cash recycling solution to improve the efficiency of their cash operations.

We were very satisfied with the installation and extensive training by the NGZ. The Arca system works reliably and precisely. That saves us a lot of time with accounting. Our expectations are fully met.

Walter Hummler, Head of Federseeklinik

For Federseeklinik, both the concept and functionality of the Arca solution, as well as its proven accuracy were convincing right away. With Arca’s back office solution, every step from cash payment to intelligent cash management was fully automated and provided insight into cash data and control of cash inventory.

The Results

Cash automation has improved productivity and operating efficiency throughout the health complex, allowing staff to focus on the health and wellbeing of patients.

The Arca solution went into operation in July 2020 and included cash and coin recyclers and the software to manage the devices. “To implement a new process during a pandemic presented new challenges for all involved. However, it has been a detailed, smooth and successful introduction” said the operations manager of Federseeklinik.

Walter Hummler, head of the clinic stated that “For Federseeklinik, it is crucial to focus 100% on our patients and remove any task that diverts us from our purpose.” He explained the Arca solution allows them to store all their cash safely and dramatically reduce the time spent counting it.

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