Risk Reduction

Advia Credit Union - MI, WN, IL


Video Transcript

Advia Credit Union - Risk Reduction

Portia Powell, Southgate Branch Manager, Advia Credit Union

"The recyclers have given us added security benefits in several different aspects, one of which is, internally, it has added more internal control over who can access the cash and where it's stored at. We don't just have lump sums of cash stored in one vault, now we have them stored individually in a secured bin which no one has access to individually in the recyclers. It's added that extra level of security, and the tellers are able to come up to the machine, start their day process without ever having access to the actual vault that's housed within the recycler itself. And from an external standpoint, with robbery, it's really eliminated and kept tellers at a minimum of which cash they have access to."

Lisa Stecke, Teller, Advia Credit Union

"Before, you had a big box, and they can look inside and see what you had. That sometimes can be scary. Now with the recyclers, they just see you put it in a machine and it goes away."

Kyle Rousch, Teller, Advia Credit Union:

"I feel like we're more secure with the cash recyclers. We used to have a certain amount in our box, and now we hardly have anything in there anymore. With the cash recyclers, you never have to open the safe to insert the cash."

Portia Powell:  "All around, there's a lot more security and a lot more comfortability now that the recyclers are installed and implemented."