Hoosier Adaptability

Lake City Bank, Indiana


Angie Daly, Lake City Bank Branch Manager, Goshen, Indiana: My name is Angie Daly. I'm the branch manager at the Goshen Downtown Lake City Bank. A little over a year ago, we were right on Main Street. We were a fairly slow branch because it was not convenient. There was not a lot of customer parking. We have since moved to a better location, where we have new technology. We have parking, we have a drive-thru, we have an ATM, and have only had to add one member to staff, which is wonderful. If we did not have the cash recyclers, we definitely would've had to have, I would say, at least two more staff members. We put the cash in the machine, and we have that time that the machine is counting the cash and essentially doing a lot of our job for us, we have that time to be face-to-face with the client, asking them, you know, what their needs are, maybe cross-selling something that they don't have.
Angie Ritchey, Senior Vice President, Operations and Technology, Lake City Bank: I think that the typical teller position is actually going away, and you've heard the phrase "universal banker." That, I think, is primarily what we're looking for today.
Kevin Deardorff, Executive Vice President, Retail Banking, Lake City Bank: If the client's walking into a branch, they're doing so for a reason because there's too many alternatives, otherwise, that they wouldn't have to visit the branch.
Angie Ritchey: Our retail staff have the ability to cross-sell someone into a treasury management service, a wealth management brokerage, all areas across the bank.
Angie Daly: What is more important now is the customer service, and at the Goshen location, we have wonderful customer service. And that can be number one on our radar, instead of worrying about the cash and worrying about offages and worrying about all the stuff that has to do with the actual transaction.
Anita Huff, Teller and CSR, Lake City Bank: I'm able to actually look at the customer and, face-to-face, have some communication and talk with them a bit more.
Naldia Frye, Teller, Lake City Bank: They're only in here for a few minutes, so you just have those few minutes to kinda touch base and find what their needs are.
Angie Daly: It's not just about doing the transaction, it's actually about a personal experience with the banker and the client.