ARCA CM18b Cash Recycler

Cash Recycling and Cash In Transit Prep


I'm Briana, from ARCA. I'd like to show you our CM18b Cash Recycler. It's designed to automate and create efficiencies in retail back offices.  The CM18b significantly reduces the time it takes to manage cash by automating traditional manual cash counting processes. Start of day and end of day till preparation will take minutes instead of hours. In addition, the CM18b reduces shrinkage, provides auditing capabilities, and gives visibility to your overall cash position. The CM18b allows you to receive provisional credit from your financial institution maximizing revenue and cash availability. You can recycle and store your cash in six cassettes or you have the option to deposit your cash into a secure, sealed plastic bag, ready for CiT pickup. This is all configurable depending upon your own bank note needs. The CM18b combines two proven technologies, cash recycling and cash deposit into one convenient solution.