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Exchange Bank - Open Spaces And Happy Faces

Beth Ryan, Vice President and Retail Banking Officer, Exchange Bank: "If you think about the teller line and what all of the barriers that created between the customer and the employee, basically we solve all of those with this cash bar design. I'm going to greet you at the front door and welcome you into my space and say, 'How can I help you today?' Based upon your answer, I take you to the appropriate location.

This is why we're doing it. We don't want to have barriers in between our conversations anymore. You've got this now collaborative environment where we're sharing information; we're having conversations. We're really trying to allow our employees to be much more dynamic and work in potentially every workspace in the branch. Customers can be in 75% of the space, where before they only had access to potentially 40%, so you get to use your space in an entirely different way because the cash is secure in this nice, little, composed vault.

Without a cash recycler, no, this can't happen, because the cash recyclers secure everything; it's actually a more secure environment for our customers and our employees. It's nice having those conversations with customers. I've had a customer come to me and say, 'How are your employees safe?' I bring them over to a teller cash recycler and I say, 'This is what safeguards our employees and you. Everything is maintained in a vault. Our tellers don't have access to cash anymore. This equipment does.'

Do our employees feel safer? Alex, do you feel safer in this environment?"

Alex: "Yes, I do."

Beth Ryan: "Yes, Alex says. We have been talking about cash recyclers for a long time, and I reached out to a colleague who I highly admired in terms of his knowledge around everything banking-related, and he said, 'Hands down, talk to ARCA. There's no comparison, really.'"