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Inside the box: What OEM brings to the table

October 10, 2022

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You queue up in the self-checkout aisle at the grocery store. You make change at the laundromat. You put a $10 bill in the machine to get your car washed.

These tools are familiar, but what’s inside them may not be. It’s here where you’ll find the original equipment manufacturer components – the machinery, countless systems and technologies that make these solutions tick. Without OEM, those great ideas would never come to be, and the many ways to dispense and collect cash would be sorely lacking a must-have element.

At its core, OEM is a channel. It exists underneath another product in order to make it all work, and this means that OEM is often hidden in the background. In fact, one the key problems facing OEM today is a lack of awareness.

Why OEM is important
OEM is a critical support system of the retail distribution channel. Without OEM, many products could not exist, either through a dearth of technology or simple cost restrictions.

“OEM can be more affordable, effective and efficient.”

This is one key reason why OEM is so important. The concept of drafting an idea and getting it from the blueprint to the product hinges on OEM. The engineers who work behind the scenes to create seamless integration and streamline the process are there to facilitate that relationship.

OEM is important because without it, all that great technology – the self-checkout, the cash dispenser, the change machine – wouldn’t exist, and that wouldn’t be good for the business or the consumer.

Where OEM excels
The process of building hardware and software specifically designed to be repackaged and sold excels in a few key areas.

On a broad scale, OEM is at its best when it is in the trenches, doing all the dirty work behind the scenes that makes many products tick. OEM is fantastic at integrating a complicated idea into a quality design, making sure everything is efficient, affordable and effective.

While OEM is top-tier in every vertical, it can truly succeed in several key segments. To name a few:

  • Grocery stores
  • Laundromats
  • Casinos
  • Car washes
  • Parking garages

These latter two – car washes and parking garages – are great examples of the value of OEM. Without these components, the machines would be nonexistent, and the convenience and cost-effectiveness of both car washes and parking garages would be gone. There would be a greater need for attendants, more expenses and restricted cash flow for the owners.

OEMWithout OEM, these machines could be too costly.

What ARCA offers
Operating in the OEM and cash handling space has helped elevate our services, not to mention honed our expertise in this area.

Over the years, we’ve been able to bring in the best minds in the business to create OEM services that are centered around simplifying the process for the end user. Need to create a new coin change machine? We have the components for you. Need to upgrade your casino platform? Give us a call.

ARCA not only offers the specific OEM components you need, but we have the best in business working behind the scenes. Our engineers take complicated designs and complex ideas and make sure they are simple, affordable – and, best of all, practical.

The bottom line
At the end of the day, OEM remains out of sight, and – unfortunately – out of mind. While the premier OEM components do work without the consumer noticing, raising awareness of this service is still important.

As more people begin to understand the value of OEM, it will make it easier to create, share and collaborate on future projects, all with the goal of getting that next great idea to market.

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