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How Does Cash Automation Impact Customer Experience?

October 10, 2022

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We talk a lot about how cash automation improves the staff experience but what does it do for the customer experience?

The customer is the focus — not the cash

When manual cash processes are automated with cash recyclers, the teller is no longer intently concentrating on counting a pile of cash.  There’s a newfound opportunity for eye contact and conversation.

The focus shifts from the transaction to the customer. Tellers have the opportunity to get to know customers, show interest in their financial well-being, and build long-term banking relationships. When transactions are consistently accurate and convenient, it builds trust. And customers begin to identify their bank as a reliable resource for their financial questions and concerns.

The gift of time

Customers are also sure to notice significantly shorter transaction times. By studying transaction lengths at thousands of branches around the country, research shows the following differences between manual and automated transactions:

As you can imagine, these numbers can vary depending on branch location and customer mix. But the difference is striking and won’t go unnoticed.

Fundamental shift

Perhaps even more important than the shorter transaction time is the fundamental shift in focus on the customer. So, those seconds become precious time tellers can spend completely engaged with customers, building rapport and discussing additional products and services. It suggests an overarching theme for automated branches: a customer experience that is quicker, more personal, and more substantive.

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