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How automated cash handling benefits your customers

October 10, 2022

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It is easy to see why automated cash handling is important for your business, but how does it benefit your customers?

As we touched on previously, the retail industry relies on this type of cash handling. A substantial portion of those benefits relate directly to the business in question: cost savings, streamlined operations, increased security. Even so, these benefits also address consumer needs, and that is yet another reason why cash handling is imperative.

Cash handling equals more time
Automating cash handling provides an immediate benefit to consumers in the retail environment. Customers receive better service when employees are able to focus on the personal interactions instead of the time-consuming process of performing cash transactions by hand.

“Cash handling will afford your employees more time.”

All of the aspects of manual cash handling are time-consuming, ranging from the customer transaction and point of sale to the emptying of registers, the storage of cash in an office safe and the transportation to and from the business. Employees typically have to be present at each step along the way, but automated cash handling removes that necessity to a degree. Certain systems – such as a cash recycler or dispenser – can accept some cash-handling duties of an employee.

This will afford employees more time to spend on personalized customer interactions, in addition to operational cost savings.

Cash handling leads to streamlined service
The second way cash handling benefits customers is through more streamlined service. Many devices, such as cash dispensers, can be present at the point of sale. The benefits for employees include increased confidence over cash and change amounts and fewer instances of requesting a manager to replenish the drawer’s cash totals. Thus, they have the tools required to work uninterrupted with the customer.

The sum of these parts is streamlined service. Customers won’t be delayed due to manual cash-handling demands on employees, and more registers can remain open once coupled with cash dispensers.

Naturally, this can have a ripple effect throughout the business. With one customer already serviced, the next in line will get to the front quicker. The entire checkout process will be faster and more efficient, which is a substantial benefit for every customer.

Cash handling improves security
The biggest influence of quality, automated cash handling addresses security. Conversely, poor cash handling equals:

  • Too much cash on the floor
  • Employees handling large sums of cash
  • Minimal cash oversight
  • Simplified access to cash

On the other hand, automated cash handling will remove these hazards. The business will be able to better track and store money, restrict cash levels on the floor and prevent unwarranted access.

What does this mean for customers? For one, the store is less of a target to thieves. There will be less exposed cash, reducing the potential takeaway for would-be criminals. It also grants employees the ability to focus on one transaction at a time, so they are alert and vigilant. Employees will also be less prone to mistakes and have more control over the process.

Overall, cash handling is critical to any retail business, for the company itself and its patrons. Customer desires range from rapid service and a seamless checkout process to a secure point of sale, and automated cash handling can provide that.

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