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This is Sarah, the head of a financial institution. Throughout her day she faces a number of stressful challenges to keeping cash secure, including processes for depositing and counting cash, vault buys and sells, end of day balancing, and managing tellers.

One day a member of Sarah's Staff calls in sick at the last minute, and things are even busier and more chaotic than usual. She says to herself, "There must be a better way of doing this." Sarah decides to map out a plan to make the daily routine run smoother. She quickly realizes that many of their normal processes don't use time or resources efficiently. Cash must be counted multiple times with each customer. Tellers have to step away from the counter to make trips to the vault. Banking slips are still being written out by hand.

All of these extra steps leave customers waiting in line longer. Sarah asks the question, "How can we stop wasting time and resources and start working more efficiently? It's time for a change." Sarah meets with Arca. A project director discusses her unique problems, and takes time analyzing her branch's operations. Studying the findings, a light bulb goes off. Arca has developed a solution that will alleviate Sarah's problems, reduce operating costs, and simplify her daily life.

Sarah's financial institution implements Arca's suggestions for streamlining processes and installs cash recyclers, which means that the tellers no longer have to spend three hours a day counting money, because the machine does it for them. With the new recyclers, tellers can now concentrate on serving customers, and not on counting cash. Visits to the vault slow down to a couple of times a week rather than several times a day. End of day balancing is now quicker than ever before, which means that staff are heading home earlier, and smiling a lot more too.

Sarah was beaming with how efficiently Arca's cash recyclers worked. They saved her time, increase productivity, and increased the security of her branch, which allowed the staff to focus on its most valuable asset -- its customers. Now, that's something to smile about. ARCA…simplify.