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Meet James, the lead technical engineer designing self-service kiosks for a retail store. He knows that bringing a kiosk design to production is a huge undertaking. And he has a big worry…cash. Should his kiosk accept it or not?

After some research, James calls Arca, who looks like they know a thing or two about automating cash. Arca designs, manufactures, and supports cash automation systems around the world. Their technology is everywhere -- grocery store self-checkouts, casinos, parking garages, car washes, pretty much anywhere you see cash and machines together.

Arca has the largest selection of cash components in the industry, specializing in helping you select the best components for your system, while providing custom software integration. With customers in over 50 countries, we've seen just about every situation imaginable. We provide all the technical documentation and training required, as well as diagnostic software. Not to mention, you'll receive world class support, spare parts, a depot repair facility, and a knowledgeable support staff that's just a phone call away.

We'll get it to you on time, keeping you looking good and your customers happy. Our team spends their days analyzing designs, seeking out the most pragmatic and cost effective ways for kiosks to dispense and receive cash. We'll turn your pie in the sky idea into a concrete product that works. At Arca, we have great products and really smart people helping you every step along the way. Be brilliant. Let us do the dirty work.