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Cash Automation Creates Opportunities For Great Customer Service

Numerica Credit Union - Spokane, WA

Susan Stickney, Branch Operations Coordinator ll, Numerica Credit Union: "Numerica is always looking for how can we better serve the communities. This is a growing area up in the South Hill in Spokane. There's a lot of new businesses and a lot of new people moving in. We felt this was a great place to put a footprint in and start getting those people coming in to join.

When you first come in we have our concierges desk where somebody will greet you and take you through your time here at Numerica. We have our tech bar where members can come in log onto an iPad. Do their home banking. Check out current rates. If they have kids with them they can play games and mom and dad can have a carefree experience. These are our cash bars where members can come and do their transactions with an awesome member service rep."

Tanner Cebuhar, Financial Services Representative, Numerica Credit Union: "I like to get the member to come around a little bit more because I can just move the swivel, it's nice. I can just easily show them, 'Hey look this is what's going on in your account.'"

Allie Walker, Financial Services Representative, Numerica Credit Union: "I think it makes a big difference. It makes people feel more welcome and there's not such a gap in between us. And they can use the ARCA machines that we have located on each cash bar. Members love these. They are so intrigued by what they are and how they work."

Tanner Cebuhar: "Oh yeah look. Your cash comes right out of here and I put it in." They are just like, "Wait? You don't count it anymore?"

Susan Stickney: "Numerica is all about helping our members live well. Life moves. Live well. It's helping our members make the most of their everyday and how we can enhance their lives. Cash recyclers help by making sure our transactions are done correctly. And speeding up the transactions so we can spend more one on one time with our members.

We started with another brand. We're weren't really satisfied with the service levels we were receiving from them. So we went out and started looking for another vendor. We partnered up with ARCA. We brought the machines in and did a test lab. We really liked the service and we were able to see how the servicing happens during that process. Being able to call and talk to the technicians was seamless and smooth. We just fell in love with it and we all liked how he talk back in North Carolina.

Back here are our member service reps working locations. These are telling stations where members can have some personal one on one time with our reps. We really encourage people just to come in and enjoy their time at Numerica. That's our branch!"