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Cash Recyclers Won Over Tellers at Lake City Bank

October 10, 2022


Once tellers experienced cash recycling, there was no going back

Lake City Bank struggled with low customer traffic in its downtown branch in Goshen, Indiana. In a series of bold moves, they relocated their main street location into a newly designed branch just three blocks away. The new location and design allowed them to offer more convenience and additional services to their customers such as parking, an ATM and a drive-through.

While planning the new branch, they also decided to automate their cash processes by installing six new teller cash recyclers. Lake City Bank decided to test the first cash recyclers in the drive-through.

It was a lot of change, all at once

At first, tellers weren’t sure about the new devices. Some had never even heard of cash recyclers.  And now they had to learn new processes, new equipment and a new environment.

But bank leaders were confident they’d made the right decision, they just had to win over their tellers. It didn’t take long.

Watch what happened when tellers got a taste of cash recycling.

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Lake City Bank’s story doesn’t end there. See how their investment in cash recyclers also improved their customer experience.

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