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Cash Recyclers Take the Hands Out of Cash Handling

October 10, 2022

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Humans are…well, only human. When people count cash, errors are inevitable. Some counting errors are innocent mistakes made when counting under pressure. And others are intentional when part of internal theft activity. No matter the cause, counting errors can cost an employee a job and eat into a retailer’s profits.

Retailers often handle cash discrepancies by placing the employees responsible for them on notice, ultimately terminating those who commit or allow too many mistakes. But retailers shouldn’t hire people because they’re good at counting cash or fire them because they’re bad it.

Retailers need employees with customer relationship and selling skills. In a retail environment, technology should be used to eliminate discrepancies, not people. Hiring and retaining good sales people is a significant investment in time and resources. It’s a waste of time and money when the best people are performing tedious cash handling tasks when they could be spending that time with customers, increasing sales and growing the business.

People can’t count cash faster and more accurately than a machine and machines don’t have customer service skills. So retailers should use technology like cash recyclers and smart safes to manage cash and allow employees to focus on what matters most — customers.

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