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Angie Daly, Lake City Bank Branch Manager, Goshen, Indiana: "We handle a lot of cash here. Sometimes, in one single day, one teller could bring in and/or give out 1, 2, $300,000 in cash. It's very easy for bills to stick together. It's very easy to have a teller error and the teller has an offage at the end of the night. Sometimes we spend a lot of time after hours, looking for those offages or even during hours, where we're not able to service our clients. With the cash recycler, that has taken all of that away. It does everything for us. It counts all the cash for us. When it gives cash back, we know that it's correct. There are not bills sticking together. There's not a chance of giving out 9 $100s instead of 8 $100s. So at the end of the night, it makes it a much smoother process.

It also helps the tellers, they're much more comfortable because they're not spending all that time making sure their drawer balances. Sometimes they would balance their drawer, you know, 5, 10 times a day to make sure they're all balanced. and now, they don't have to do that. They don't have to spend any time verifying their drawer. we don't have offages at the end of the night, which means everyone can kind of keep their jobs. We have, you know, everybody... You only have, you know, so many times that you can be off that amount and now it takes all that away from us. It takes all of that pressure away from us."