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Branch Evolution: A New Approach to Branch Transformation

Executive Summary

There is a different approach to branch transformation, one where technology and strategy coexist.

This approach is gradual and minimizes your risk when industry trends do (and they always will), change. Most importantly, it doesn’t require a plan for the future based on today’s technology.

It’s with that thought in mind that we introduce a different philosophy — branch evolution.

Enterprise-wide branch transformations are difficult and often lock you into a long-term strategy that is less than ideal. Developing a step-by-step approach to change is a smarter way to move forward during this uncertain period. It gives you the flexibility to respond quickly into an ever-changing landscape.

Evolution begins when external pressures demand a change. In order to survive, an organism (or organization) must make small, gradual changes. Then the most advantageous changes, those that promote the greatest success, are repeated and become part of the final makeup

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