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Randy Lashua, Senior Vide President, Channel Strategy & Delivery, Capital City Bank: Working with Arca has been a real pleasure, and early on, we really wanted to determine how to best utilize the recyclers, and so the Arca team came down, spent time with us, visited our offices, worked with our associates to better determine how we could utilize the recyclers, and so that kind of partnership has been extremely beneficial for Capital City.

Rod Mayo, Retail Support Manager, Capital City Bank: Our experience working with Arca has been very positive, very supportive. We have had opportunities to really look at how we can make changes, how those changes affect the actual office, and how we can improve efficiencies.

Briana Aguilar, Arca Solutions Consultant: We are truly building a solution. We are coming in, we are understanding the needs, not only of your organization as a whole, but all the way down to the granular level, to each individual branch. We come up with a solution and a plan. Once you implement cash automation, a couple of things are going to change, especially around policy. So it may be that you need to lower your branch drawer limits. It may need to be that we lower the branch's overall cash limit. The way that we do our vault sell process, our vault buy process may change. Some things under dual control may not be able to be under single control because the dual control is really taking place between the teller and the unit.

Rod Mayo: By working with our Arca consultant, we were able to identify opportunities to begin not only using the dual recycler machines, but also the solo recyclers and how that would benefit, allowing our associates to perform multiple transactions.

Nancy Messer, Retail Office Delivery Manager, Capital City Bank: In the beginning, we started out with a standard SAM 18, the tall... That worked well for us with two tellers, but as we transitioned to universal associates, they are in a dual role, it made sense to switch over to the solo. We also have deployed the tall solos in an express office.

Tiffany DuBois, Vice President, Digital Channels, Capital City Bank: We like the flexibility that Arca offers with the models and we like the ability to choose whatever is going to fit the design of that office.

Briana Aguilar: As a Solutions Consultant, we have the ability to go out in the field and understand the needs, not only from the teller line, but also from upper management and the executive, and sometimes it is our job to kind of blend those two ideas together into a solution that not only makes the users happy, but also makes the executives happy.