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Lisa Fitzgerald, Retail Support Officer, Lake City Bank: So I found out about the Arca cash recyclers by attending an FIS client conference in Florida. Just walking around the expo hall, and I see the cash recycler, stopped, got some information. So then our executive, Kevin Deardorff, was there as well, who's over our retail area, so I went and found him, and I had him come up and take a look at the cash recyclers, and so when we got back from the conference, we decided we would move forward to get more involved and see what Arca was all about.

Kevin Deardorff, Executive Vice President, Retail Banking, Lake City Bank: That was definitely a big factor in us choosing Arca, because of that relationship with FIS. We had used another vendor in our first test of the technology and had difficulty with the interface.

Lisa Fitzgerald: We did try out a couple other machines as well as when we were looking with Arca because we felt by doing this process, we needed to go in there, and we needed to know everything about all the machines, not just the Arca machine. I did find that the Arca machine ran a little more smoothly, didn't have maybe as many jams as what the other machines does, and the footprint of it just seemed like it fit our area better.

Kevin Deardorff: That interface with FIS was very, very important for us, and it also made the implementation and the installations very easy, because we actually had an FIS representative here on site who had worked with the Arcaindividuals, as well as the technology, very closely and made that transition very smooth.

Lisa Fitzgerald: Working with Arca and FIS has been great. I haven't had any issues. If I call FIS about a situation, and we're going to have a phone call, then my representative at FIS will get someone from Arca
on the phone as well, and then we can have that conversation so everyone is on the same page. It's been great.