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Arca cash automation technology is the latest big hit along the boardwalk

October 10, 2022


There’s a cash automation success story just down the road from Arca’s US headquarters. It’s an example of how our technology can be a big benefit to amusement parks and help them save much more of their hard earned money. So we made a video about it and you can see it below. Take a look at Broadway Grand Prix in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

For those who haven’t been to Myrtle Beach, there’s no place quite like it, a getaway for people of all ages with many things to do. The town and surrounding area along the border between North Carolina & South Carolina is credited with giving the world Carolina Beach Music, a regional style of swing that developed in the 1940s. Under The Boardwalk, 60 Minute Man and I Love Beach Music are just a few of the big hits from bands like The Drifters, The Dominoes and The Embers.

The music is responsible for spawning the Carolina Shag, which is actually the state dance of both North and South Carolina. It was, and still is, that popular. But what most people don’t know is that Beach Music was a spin-off of R&B.

During the 1940 Jim Crow years, African American artists performed at venues such as the Cotton Club in New York, the Apollo Theatre in Harlem, or any of the other stops along what was called the Chitlin’ Circuit. One such stop where you could see and hear artists such as Billie Holliday, Little Richard, Otis Redding, and B.B. King was Charlie’s Place on Carver Street in little Myrtle Beach.

When the music spilled out of Charlie’s Place it wasn’t long before the records of Ray Charles replaced those of Glenn Miller in jukeboxes up and down the beach. Dance steps learned on Carver Street were soon seen in the pavilions. Carolina Beach Music, along with the Shag, had been born.

The good times roll on in Myrtle Beach. You have the beach, about a hundred golf courses, and many amusement parks and attractions. One of the most popular places to take a spin is Broadway Grand Prix. There, Arca cash automation is a hit and has made a name for itself, just a few miles away from where Charlie’s Place once stood.


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