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ARCA Control Software
ARCA Control Device Management Software

Cash recyclers save you time and money on tedious cash processes but only if your staff can use them. ARCA Control software for ARCA cash recyclers was designed with an intuitive user interface that's easy to learn and easy to use. 

ARCA Control is the device management application in a suite of software products that add intelligence to your cash operations. 

  • Configure precise device access
  • Set cash limits for individual operators
  • Generate reports for balancing and cash forecasting

Cashiers use ARCA Control to perform their own till dispenses and deposits, significantly reducing the time they spend on start and end of shift procedures. And the software generates a complete audit trail for each cashier adding accountability and reducing shrinkage. .

Store management uses ARCA Control to configure and assign start funds and cash limits for each operator as well as to manage deposits and cash inventory. Cashiers and managers use the software reports to compare with POS systems for faster end of day balancing

Superb Integration

ARCA  Control can communicate with ARCA's network software solution and your store's IT system for remote monitoring of all ARCA cash recyclers.

Cash Security and Visibility

Cash recycler inventory can be tightly controlled and monitored. ARCA Control offers multiple features for instant analysis and generates reports for balancing and tracing discrepancies. Increased visibility into cash transactions and cashier accountability lets you to focus on the big picture—improving operations to get the business results you want.