ID Capture / Recognition

Software that improves customer service and reduces fraud with ID capture, OCR, and 1D/2D barcode recognition.

Your merchant customers and branch tellers have something in common: they face the competing demands of providing great customer service while at the same time spotting fraudsters. Are you giving them the tools to do both?

The LS40 and LS150 scanners provide ID card functionality and the software applications to enable fast, convenient authentication and fraud detection in customer facing environments. Both scanners capture front and rear ID images in a single pass and can be configured with Optical Character Recognition (OCR), 1D and optional 2D barcode recognition software for the most advanced authentication and fraud prevention capabilities on the market.

  • Fraud Detection is improved with secure and encrypted archival storage of ID card images – providing definite proof that an ID card was presented. Optional 2D barcode capture enables you to gather additional data you need to protect against ID theft.
  • Compliance is assured with the capture of front/rear images from ID cards using ARCA scanners – optionally in color on the LS150. Archived images provide proof that the bank employee complied with Know Your Customer and UCC regulations, obtaining the ID of a new account holder.
  • ID capture takes authentication to the next level. Our 2D barcode reader enables an automated approach to authentication, alerting the agent or teller of potential risk factors, forgeries, and expired ID cards.
  • Versatility in scanning is possible with the LS150 and LS40 scanners by combining ID capture with magnetic stripe reading. Stored data on credit, debit, ID and passport cards, and driver’s licenses can be captured and compared for additional security.
  • Space and cost savings are realized using the LS40 or LS150 ID reader – no need to purchase, deploy, and maintain a separate dedicated ID reader. This eliminates the footprint and cost of an additional device.
  • Stationary dual CIS — single pass front/rear ID capture
  • Bi-tonal or 16/256 grayscale rendition at 100, 120, 200, 240, and 300 DPI (color optional on LS150)
  • OCR-A numeric, OCR-B, and barcode recognition (Code 39, 128, 2/5 and PDF417) provided (2D barcode recognition software optional)

  • Options
    • Color image upgrade for bypass feeder/ID reader (LS150 only)
    • 2D barcode software for ID reader
    • Magnetic stripe card reader (tracks 1, 2, and 3) for additional data capture/matching applications


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