Hitachi-Omron HCM2

Build your cash recycling solution on a rock-solid foundation.

Worldwide recognition for reliability.

As the primary component in the majority of the world’s cash recycling ATMs, Hitachi-Omron’s recyclers support a vast library of currency validation templates – more than 75 different countries and combinations of currencies from all over the globe. Wherever you need to deploy your ATM, back-office cash recycling, or self-service kiosk – chances are the HCM2 can recognize the local currency. This widespread deployment of technology is no accident. The handling of so many unique banknotes in so many places around the world requires reliable electronics and reliable mechanics working in harmony – preventing jammed notes and other failures from interrupting your business. The HCM2 was designed for self-service operation and 24-hour availability with minimal service interaction.

Big capacity without the big footprint.

An ATM machine spends most of its time dispensing banknotes. A Retail back-office recycling system is quite the opposite – built to accept more, dispense less. The HCM2 cassette-based recycling module is designed to be loaded like a cash dispenser – filling cassettes with the appropriate amount of starting cash for any application. You can fill with more for cash dispensing or less for a retail solution for back-office, or a self-service payment kiosk. Either way, you can maximize the recycling efficiency for your specific application. With a total capacity of nearly 14,000 banknotes, your solution will have plenty of cash or available space for longer periods without refilling or emptying. Surprisingly, all of this capacity doesn’t demand a lot of floor space for your kiosk or safe. The HCM2 can be integrated into a reasonably small enclosure thanks to it’s horizontally-mounted cash cassettes.

  • Recycling capacity of 1 to 4 cassettes x 2,800 notes each
  • Deposit capacity of 1 to 5 cassette x 2500 notes each
  • Input/Output capacity 200 notes via pocket with integrated shutter
  • Escrow capacity of 200 banknotes (maximum transaction size)
  • 8 banknotes/second accept/dispense speed
  • Financial-grade validation technology (UV/IR, Magnetic, color, dual-side, full note)
  • Jam rate < 3 per 100,000 notes
  • Dimensions: (HxWxD) ~44 x 13.3 x 34.7
  • CAD files, SDK and support for hardware and software integration included.


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