Arca R5000

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Arca R5000 Arca R5000
Arca R5000
Arca R5000

Designed to evolve the proven Arca platform for ultimate reliability in teller-operated environments and future customer-facing applications. Long-edge feeding and a simplified, one-direction bill path refines reliability by further reducing jams and service time in all parts of the device. Allows operators to solve 85% of issues without intervention.

Intelligent rolled storage modules feature 70/30 split drums providing redundancy for high-demand bills without wasting space and delivering optimized capacity in a smaller footprint. All new sensor technology and additional sensors throughout the device enhance performance monitoring and lower total cost of ownership.

  • Future Ready with Barcode reader and NFC for Customer facing applications
  • ‘Smart’ rolled storage modules with double drums and built-in memory
  • All new sensor technology throughout the device


Reliable by Design

  • Enhanced performance monitoring minimizes total cost of ownership
  • Streamlined bill path and RSMs for less downtime 
  • Tellers solve 85% of issues without intervention

Smart capacity in a smaller footprint

  • Fits in small branches (nano, pop-up branches)
  • Allows redundancy for high demand bills while including a lower volume of low demand bills without wasting capacity. 

Faster Transaction Speeds

  • Shorter transaction times for majority of transactions compared to top competitors
  • Both continuous feeding and alternate dispensing optimize large deposits and withdrawals

  • Continuous feeding input bin that can handle batch of 500 notes, 100 note output bin, 50 note reject bin
  • Speed – 7 notes/second on deposit and withdrawal
  • Full 7” touchscreen display with high resolution
  • LED system highlights 3 main sections, basic colors guide user
  • Connectivity – 2 USB, 2 RS232, TCP-IP
  • Cen IV and UL – 291 safe options
  • Seismic, Thermal and Duress alarm options
  • Real time serial number detection in deposit and dispense (with optional module)


  • 4 cassette – 8 recycling drum – 4,000 note capacity
  • 26.1 x 15.95 x 30.51 in (27.17 in height under counter)


  • 6 cassette – 12 recycling drum – 6,000 note capacity
  • 34.45 x 15.95 x 30.51 in (35.52 in height under counter)
  • 745 lbs – 338 kg

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