Arca LS150

Engineered for performance.

The LS150 is a beautifully crafted, compact scanner that is both functional and stylish. Designed with durability, ergonomics, and functionality in mind, this scanner will fit in any environment without being noticed. This real-world tested scanner, has the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.

Enjoy instinctive ease of operations with single-hand usage, large capacity input and output pockets, a special track for ID cards, quick access to transport path, and fast consumables replacement.

With its small footprint, the LS150 is the perfect machine for banking teller and back counter, commercial, retail, remittance and Remote Deposit Capture applications. Options include magnetic strip reading and inkjet endorsement.

Basic Unit Features

  • Feeder: Automatic 80-documents input feeder with double feed sensors
  • Storage: 2 pockets (50 docs each) for sorting processed documents with pocket-full sensor
  • Sorter: Intelligent codeline based sorting by downloading sorting criteria to the unnit
  • Reader: E13B/CMC7 auto detect MICR reader; OCR, ICR, Barcode software decoding
  • Speed: 120 or 180 documents per minute

Option Unit Features

  • Endorsement Printer: 12 nozzles inkjet printer, one print line positions, ~ 6,000,000 chars life

  • Size & Weight
    • Dimensions: 175 mm / 6.9 in (H); 230 mm / 9.0 in (L); 140 mm / 5.5 in (W)
    • Weight: 3.5 kg / 7.7 lb, maximum
  • Document Specifications
    • Height: 60÷108 mm / 2.4÷4.3 in
    • Length: 80÷225 mm / 3.2÷8.8 in
    • Thickness: 0.07÷0.13 mm / 0.003÷0.005 in
    • Weight: 70÷130 g/sqm / 0.01÷0.03 lb/sqf
  • Image Capture
    • Resolution: 100, 200 or 300 dpi, selectable
  • Gray Scale Levels: 16 or 256
  • Black and White Conversion
    • Color RGB 24 bits
  • Ultra Violet Mode
    • Image Formats: BMP, JPEG, TIFF, TIFF level IV, by software compression
  • Communication & Software
    • USB: USB 2.0 and optional onboard USB hub with 1 additional host port
  • Ethernet: Ethernet connectivity 10/100Base-T and WIFI by LsConnect device
  • Drivers: LS Common API/DLL for Windows (32/64 bit), Linux and Mac OSX. Ranger and TWAIN interface driver available
  • Applications: Exerciser and diagnostic application

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