Selecting the right branch technology is a balancing act of understanding how to operate your branch while meeting customer needs and preferences.

Cash automation technology has expanded to include devices like TCRs, ITMs and recycling ATMs. Banks and credit unions are looking to these technologies to solve problems like staffing, efficiency, security, and even improving the customer experience. While many of these solutions can work together, the goal is to implement them in a way that optimizes operations and meets customer needs.

The key to uncovering the right solution for your branch is to understand your customer base and your goals for each branch. Then you can truly evaluate the results each technology can (and can’t) deliver. To walk you through this discovery process, our most experienced cash automation experts will share their expertise in helping hundreds of institutions build solid technology strategies in an ever-evolving banking landscape.

We’ll dive into:

  • The factors that inform your technology decision and which is the most important?
  • Whether technology equals a better customer experience.
  • How to select the right solution and pitfalls to avoid.