For M3T, reliability was a critical concern. Original Equipment Manufacturer cash dispensers and excellent service from Arca help kiosk manufacturers:

  • Provide reliable and quality products to their customers
  • Keep repair costs low
  • Test and select the best cash dispensers on the market

With over 5,000 kiosks within the state of Illinois alone, M3T is all but the only choice in cash management for the casino gaming sector. As with any company seeking to capture and maintain clients, M3T knew that providing a quality product was of paramount importance.

A brief corporate snapshot: With roots dating back to the 1980s, Oklahoma-based M 3 Technology Solutions (M3T) isn’t a newcomer to the casino management game. M3T is a one-stop shop for casino runners, providing support for all facets of business dealing with money, management and marketing–the three M’s from which the business takes its name. Cognizant of the fact that the products they provide profoundly impact the daily operations of the casinos they service, M3T continually seeks to innovate and improve.

The Challenge

Outfitting their Kiosks with the Most Reliable Bill Dispensers.

In an effort to improve their product through the integration of a reliable bill dispenser, M3T contacted Arca. The decision was a simple one, said M3Ts Chief Operating Officer, Dylan Waddle. He noted, “We identified the Fujitsu (F400) bill dispenser as the highest quality available on the market.” And this dispenser was only available through one reliable supplier—Arca.

Arca’s Cadillac of bill dispensers, the F400 bill dispenser is feature-rich. This dependable component helps customers reduce the cost of ownership through reliability and low repair rate. Among the features that set it apart are its rugged design and easy to maintain and highly configurable cassettes, which can accommodate currencies from around the world.

“If you’re not using a robust bill dispenser, then you’re just setting yourself up for failure,” cautions Waddle. When seeking a reliable bill dispenser, the Fujitsu was the clear winner. Waddle praises, “This bill dispenser is as robust as it gets.”

M3T wasn’t unique in their interest in the F400. This versatile dispenser is used in an array of self-service environments and kiosk applications ranging from car washes to ATMs, allowing the machine to prove its reliability through performance of millions of transactions.

The Solution

Arca, The Worldwide Leader in Cash Automation.

After three years of working with Arca, M3T has come to be just as impressed with Arca’s customer support as they originally were with their products. Setting Arca apart is their eagerness to help. During the initial integration of the Fujitsu into the existing M3T products, Arca and M3T worked in tandem to get the job done right. Waddle praises Arca’s professionalism and skill stating, “They worked very closely with us to identify the correct model for our needs. They provided samples, and we tested. In fact, we spent years testing.”

Arca’s interest in M3Ts success didn’t stop once the Fujitsu had been integrated. The support continues, according to Waddle, who says that when M3T has occasion to reach out to Arca, “They engage immediately and help you troubleshoot.”

M3T has found, as many others have, that when it comes to integration and support, Arca is an integral, strategic partner. Offering software tools powerful enough to allow complete system integration in fewer than 10 days, Arca understands that businesses can’t slow down, so they have to keep up.

Just as M3T continues to grow, so does Arca. Arca continues to seek the best equipment for their customers, as they know that by delivering high-end quality products, they can help these businesses grow. When customers like M3T purchase a product from Arca, they aren’t just buying the component, they’re buying solutions that make their businesses more profitable simply because Arca has their backs.

While M3T might have initially been drawn to Arca because of their high quality products, it’s the human support at Arca that really stands out. Waddle concluded, “Their employees are very knowledgeable and very helpful. They have been a key cog in our wheel of success.”

Bottom line: For M3T, quality products and stellar support from Arca help improve an already robust business.