Cash Automation Technology you can trust, freeing you to do more.

When cash comes between you and your customers, it's not just wasted time — it's a wasted opportunity. ARCA automation takes care of your cash and lets you focus on your customers.

Never miss another opportunity.


Superior performance made easy.

ARCA cash automation systems solve the problems that come with managing large amounts of cash by hand. Our solutions provide significant improvements in efficiency, savings, security and sales.

Our clients are some of the world's largest financial institutions, successful retailers and leaders in the self-service technology industry. We make it easy for them to streamline their cash operations and keep more of the money they earn.

Let us show you how we can reduce your cost of doing business.

Find the right ARCA automation solution for your business.

Financial institutions, retailers, and kiosk manufacturers all rely on ARCA solutions to take the pain out of their cash handling operations.

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Great technology is only part of our story.

ARCA solutions streamline cash procedures and transform operations, allowing businesses to focus on customers instead of notes. 


Kevin Deardorff, Lake City Bank, "Since the cash recyclers have been implemented, I have seen a consistent increase in our referrals because now the tellers actually have the time to focus on the member."

Melissa Johnson, Substance, "I went from 15 hours of my time per week in cash operations to one hour per week. Our cash processes have streamlined incredibly." 
Mike Aughney, Everi, "ARCA supplies many of the cash payment devices for our automated kiosks in the casino industry. They have continually given us good products and good support." 

We wrote the book on cash recyclers.

ARCA cash recyclers allow employees to focus on customers, not cash. It's a story so epic we turned it into a best-seller.

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