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Teller Capture

What is teller image capture?
ARCA LS150 Check Scanner
ARCA LS150 Check Scanner

Teller image capture, is the process of converting paper checks and financial documents directly into digital images at the teller window of a bank or credit union. The checks are placed into the automated feeder of a check reader, and both sides of each check are scanned. The high quality digital images are then electronically transmitted to the teller automation network system at the branch.

Teller image capture provides significant cost savings and efficiencies for processing checks in financial institutions. These deposit automation benefits include reduced personal costs, reduced float times, reduced processing costs, and reduced fraud exposure.

Check processing automation allows the teller to focus on engaging with the customer, rather than processing a series of manual transactions. The speed and efficiency of teller capture technology also provides an improved customer experience including shorter teller lines, and quicker access to their funds.

Deposit automation is a key technology in the wider branch transformation process, and represents an important step to supporting the "paperless branch."