Right size, right fit

Right size, right fit

Rather than adjusting your branch to accommodate teller cash recyclers, we think recyclers should fit your branch and the branch environment you want to create.

Cash automation is about improving efficiency and customer experience in your branch — so your staff can be more focused on customers and sales opportunities instead of counting and processing cash. Even one teller cash recycler will improve efficiency and lower costs but using TCRs strategically throughout your branch maximizes these benefits and helps you generate revenue.

Automating cash processes impacts the management, staff and customers in your branch. You may have to make physical changes to your branch layout and workstations while also changing your processes and training your staff. Selecting, purchasing and installing new technology is a series of decisions. You just want to know you’re making the best choice to get you the results you want.

Bigger doesn't mean better

But when you start looking at different TCRs in the marketplace, it’s easy to get caught up in a feature comparison between the recycler brands and models. You might find yourself getting focused on the latest, biggest, fastest thing you can buy. That’s always the best, right?

In this case, not really.

Our right size, right fit approach focuses on questions like:

What do you really need from a cash recycler?
What are you trying to accomplish in each area of your branch?
Do you need a device that holds more cash than you have in your entire branch?
Would a high capacity recycler that takes up a lot of space work in every location you want to automate?
Or would a smaller cash recycler allow you to automate more than just your teller line?



The right size and right fit for every cash environment

Cash transactions take place in various locations throughout a bank branch. For instance, consider transactions in a customer service office vs those in a drive-thru window or a commercial deposit transaction vs. cashing a check at the teller line. Each location serves customers differently.

Cash Recycler Environments

We call these locations Cash Environments. Each environment meets a different need and has its own requirements.

The right size, right fit approach is our way of automating cash in the branch. It’s different from the typical one-size-fits-all approach because we don’t assume one recycler model is perfect for every branch environment. We start with understanding your branch, your cash environments and what you want to accomplish with cash automation.

One size doesn't fit all

We don’t think the device should dictate where and how you use it. And you shouldn't be limited by size constraints. The product should fit your needs, not the other way around.

That’s why we have a complete line of teller cash recyclers in different sizes and configurations than can be used to automate any transaction from universal banker desks to your drive thru. A targeted approach to automation along with a full product line means you enjoy the benefits of cash automation throughout your branch. We think it’s a more effective way to use automation, based on the needs and requirements of a particular branch in selecting the right cash automation devices.

See Our Financial Solutions

Every solution in our CM18 Platform shares the same core design but a variety of sizes and configurations means we have a device suited for any application. Even our high-capacity recycler is perfect for high-volume locations. Depending on how you configure and deploy them, we have more than 10 solutions to fit any cash environment in your branch.

Branches have more than one kind of cash environment, so why limit yourself to one type of teller cash recycler? ARCA believes a right size, right fit approach to teller cash recyclers is the key to realizing real revenue growth and cost benefits of cash automation.