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The first advantage in our 5 Point Service Advantage is the ARCA Project Management Team. These professionals manage cash recycler installations and the integration processes for our customers. They also coordinate TCR or retail cash recycler moves, cassette upgrades, and removal and disposal of obsolete equipment. 

When you purchase a new teller cash recycler or retail cash recycler, your ARCA Project Manager will contact you to confirm the details of your order and provide you with information to prepare for your installation. They will send you several documents including a Site Preparation Guide. This guide is designed for your specific system and will describe space and power requirements and networking information for your IT staff. 

Your Project Manager will then schedule an Installation Kick Off Call. This call, approximately 30 days prior to the installation, is very important as it makes sure everyone is working together as a team with the same expectations. The Kick Off Call is the opportunity to answer any questions concerning the installation process. 

All stakeholders should be in attendance including your main contact, IT contact, facilities managers, operation managers, and customer facing staff like tellers or cashiers. ARCA staff on the Kick Off Call will include your Project Manager, a Senior Support Technician and Senior Installation Technician.

During the Kick Off Call, your Project Manager will describe what the installation process will look like at your location so you will have a clear understanding of what to expect on that day. They will walk you through what the ARCA trained and certified installation team will do onsite to properly deliver, install and connect the hardware.

Your ARCA Project Manager’s goal is to take the worry out of the installation and integration process. They will also remain your contact for service for the life of your ARCA system, so if you have a problem, you know who to call. 

ARCA Project Management - another advantage in our comprehensive, 5 Point Service Advantage, providing you with the best customer service in the industry. Freeing you to focus on your business and your customers.