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ARCA Installation and Training is another advantage in our ARCA 5 Point Service Advantage. These ARCA experts ensure your new equipment is properly and safely installed at your location or locations. They make sure everything is working and then train your staff so they are fully prepared to operate the cash recycler.  

What does an installation look like?

Your ARCA Installation and Training Technician will arrive at your location and lead the installation of your new equipment. Your ARCA hardware will be delivered by two additional technicians, or riggers, who specialize in moving heavy equipment.

The team will ensure the path to the installation site is clear and will lay material to protect the flooring. The ARCA machine will be carefully brought into the branch on a standard pallet jack. 

ARCA Installation

ARCA Evo Installation

Once the unit is in place, the ARCA Technician will connect the hardware and software to your location systems. They will configure the recycler to your specifications and confirm that the unit is functioning properly. 

Once installation and integration is complete, the ARCA Installation and Training Technician will train the customer facing staff how to operate the hardware and will remain on-site throughout the day to assist and answer any questions. 

The ARCA Technician will be there as the staff perform their transactions, making sure they are comfortable with the new processes and are fully prepared. And at the end of the day the technician will assist with balancing to make sure there is a complete understanding of the recycler’s operation. 

ARCA Installation and Training - another advantage in our comprehensive, 5 Point Service Advantage, providing you with the best customer service in the industry. Freeing you to focus on your business and your customers.