ARCA 5 Point Service Advantage

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Welcome to the ARCA 5 Point Service Advantage

We know our customers rely on ARCA technology to perform as an integral part of their business operations. ARCA is dedicated to providing the best technical service in the industry to keep everything running smoothly.

The ARCA 5 Point Service Advantage is our comprehensive combination of quality services, technical experts and innovative programs designed to provide full coverage and guarantee a worry-free, superior customer experience.

Project Management
Installation and Training
Help Desk Support
Certified Field Tech Network

The ARCA 5 Point Service Advantage

Project Management - ARCA Project Manager’s goal is to take the worry out of the installation and integration processes. They also coordinate cash recycler moves, cassette upgrades, and the removal and the disposal of any obsolete equipment. Your Project Manager makes sure everyone is working together. And they remain your main contact for service for the life of your ARCA system. 

Installation and Training - ARCA Installation Technicians are trained and certified to install your ARCA equipment, connect the recycler to your branch or store systems, configure the unit to your specifications and ensure it’s functioning properly. They will also train and assist your staff to make sure they have a complete understanding of the recycler’s operation so that they are fully prepared to use your new system.    

Live Help Desk Support - For more than a decade, the ARCA Help Desk has been helping customers from our US headquarters in North Carolina. These experts are ready to guide you if you need assistance. Our Help Desk Technicians are able to successfully diagnose the majority of issues over the phone. 

Certified Field Tech Network - ARCA has over 720 field technicians who have been trained and certified by ARCA. These Field Technicians perform routine cleaning and preventive maintenance on your TCR or retail cash recycler. They make sure your machines are running at peak performance, to extend the cash recycler's operational life and maximize your benefits and returns.  

ARCA Care Monitoring  - ARCA Care is our innovative and award-winning machine monitoring and preventive maintenance program. ARCA Care allows us to proactively measure the daily performance of your cash teller cash recycler or retail cash recycler. This automated safe-guard helps us anticipate potential issues and arrange preventive maintenance to ensure your machines run efficiently and help you avoid down time. 

We are here to help.

ARCA's 5 Point Service Advantage is designed to provide worry-free and comprehensive support and service for the life of your purchase.

From project management, to expert installation and training, a help desk ready to assist when you need it, local ARCA certified field technicians and proactive performance monitoring, ARCA is there for you.

Freeing you to focus on your business and your customers.

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