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Handling cash is expensive. Cash automation increases profit by reducing labor costs. It’s technology that pays for itself.

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Counting cash by hand is a waste of money.

ARCA cash automation technology allows you to stop spending your profits on the labor required to count and recount cash during till preparation and reconciliation every day. Your staff will be able to spend more time on the sales floor.

Cash automation also reduces your cash exposure and risk. Money is secured in a smart safe eliminating the threat of theft. Your money, employees and customers are less at risk. More savings, more profits, less risk, quick ROI. 

"ARCA's technology allowed us to focus

on delivering premium service to our customer"

Michael Royer
 Citadium Network Operations Manager, Paris, France

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Streamline your cash room

ARCA technology secures your money, creates accountability, gives you a clear picture of your cash, and significantly reduces operational expenses.

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The benefits of cash automation

Save Time
Save time

Save as much as 90 minutes per employee by eliminating manual cash-counting at the beginning, during and end of the day. Recover hours normally spent in dual control transactions.

Save Money
Save money

Reduce cash-in-transit expenses by automatically filling and sealing deposit bags securely within the cash recyclers. Local cash storage and recycling reduces CIT reliance and service costs.

Provisional Credit
Increase security and reduce risk

Reduce cash touches and provide an electronic record for every transaction adding accountability and security. Cash access is controlled and the time money is out in the open is reduced. 

Improve Productivity
Improve productivity

Staff can focus less on counting cash and more on providing additional service and an improved customer experience--a better return on their time and skills.

Improve Visibility
Cash intelligence

ARCA cash management software integrates with all devices and lets you monitor your cash inventory in real time with analysis and reporting.

Increase Safety and Reduce Risk
Access your cash faster

Get credit for cash revenue before it is physically deposited. Cash automation allows for provisional credit, giving you instant access to your working capital.

Solve some of the persistent cash problems that plague retailers.

Download this ebook and discover the technology that banks have used for years to eliminate cash-handling headaches.

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