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What Does A 1000% Increase In Efficiency Look Like?

October 10, 2022

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Ever lost your keys? Of course you have. Now think of how many hours, if not days over the course of your lifetime you’ve spent looking for your misplaced keys. So what if you simpy put your keys in the same place, every single time, when you aren’t using them? You’d never waste another minute looking for your keys.

That’s just one of the principles of Lean, a production management philosophy focused on eliminating waste to increase efficiency.

At ARCA, we have been implementing Lean practices throughout the company. One of the most visible success stories has been in our Depot Repair Service facility. There, ARCA technicians are busy fixing worn out machines, mainly cash dispensers and cassettes. The cash dispensers come from kiosks and self service payment machines found at big box stores around the country.

ARCA’s Depot Repair facility has been rebuilding cash dispensers for over a decade, but when Lean practices were applied to the repair process hyper-efficient improvements were realized. Single piece flow was implemented. That’s Lean-speak for a single dispenser being passed from one repair process to the next.

Single piece flow is just one Lean practice that has helped Depot Repair increase their efficiencies by over 1000%. Dispensers are now being repaired faster while high-quality standards have been maintained. The end result is a happy customer because their repaired machines are returned very quickly.

ARCA is an authorized Fujitsu OEM service provider and we repair the following dispensers:

  • F400 Fujitsu Dispensers
  • F510 Fujitsu Dispensers
  • F53 Fujitsu Dispensers & cassettes
  • F56 Fujitsu Dispensers & cassettes
  • F50 Fujitsu Dispensers

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