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25 Benefits of ARCA Cash Recyclers

Berta Perez, Lead Teller, Capital City Bank: The cash recycler has saved us a lot of time.

Mary Wellington, Service Leader, Capital City Bank: It's able to do things sometimes three or four times faster than an associate could do it if we were doing everything manually.

Berta Perez: It's helped speed up the process on waiting on clients when they come in. We'll just take the money, put it in the TCR, take it in, give them the receipt and they're good to go. It has really, really helped us tremendously in our cash flow, not to keep a lot of cash in our drawers.

Sendy Medrano, Service Leader, South Monroe Office, Capital City Bank: The amount of times that we go to the vault is less, so we don't have to carry currency from the vault to our drawers as many times as we would do before. 

Berta Perez: Especially with dual control, having to get another teller to count with us to go to the vault, get them off the teller line because we needed dual control. If you look at within the week, I would say it has at least saved us a day and a half.

Tiffany DuBois, Vice President, Digital Channels, Capital City Bank: They are not having to leave their stations and go to the vault to get additional cash to keep at their station. It's there contained in that safe, in that terminal.

Berta Perez: We have a tremendous flow of night drop that we have to do. Putting it in the TCR speeds up the process and we're done by 9:00 ready to open the doors for our clients to come in.

Mary Wellington: It helps them be more accurate and it helps them have less outages. I have a teller in here that hasn't had an outage and we've been here a year and a half. She hasn't had one outage. 

Randy Lashua, Senior Vice President, Channel Strategy & Delivery, Capital City Bank: It's allowed us to create a position called a universal associate. So the associates can perform dual function, they can be a personal banker as well as a teller when they're taking care of the clients in a more private manner.

Aaron Haynes, Central Florida Regional Operations Manager, Capital City Bank: It frees up our universal associate to focus more on the conversation with the client.

Sendy Medrano: We've been able to discover other needs that they need through casual conversation because we've been able to focus on the client instead of the actual cash handling.

Tiffany DuBois: One of our favorite things about having them is the integration to our core system. And that really has made it a very efficient process so that our associates are not making multiple entries, they are able to have it in that one unit.

Rod Mayo, Retail Support Manager, Capital City Bank: It is truly a vault and can be used as a vault.

Sendy Medrano: The cash recyclers makes us feel safer because they actually lock inside the machine. 

Rod Mayo: Cash recyclers for us has improved safety and security from the robbery and risk standpoint. It's also been able to identify potential fraudulent bills.

Berta Perez: At the end of the day, it helps a lot with the balancing with our tellers because they don't have all that cash in their drawers to count. 

Mary Wellington: One of the grand features and benefits that surprised us and we were happily surprised with it was the ability to be able to help our tellers count the cash that we get from our outside smart ATM. We also would have to face that cash and then you also want it to be in the same direction. It took a lot of time. So we use this TCR to sort the cash for us. That's huge.