The ARCA Story at Capital City Bank


The ARCA Story at Capital City Bank

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Nancy Messer, Retail Office Delivery Manager, Capital City Bank: Working with ARCA has been great. It's been an ongoing relationship for six years now. When I first started looking into cash automation, we looked at three vendors, we went to visit a few peers, then decided that ARCA's reputation, the team that they had behind them was established, and that's how we made our decision to go with ARCA.

Randy Lashua, Senior Vide President, Channel Strategy & Delivery, Capital City Bank: When we looked at how we were going to deploy the recyclers, we looked at it, really, in two different ways. We've developed a new office called the express office, and it's really a high-tech, high-touch office, so the recyclers were a perfect fit for that, allowing our associates to come out, meet with the clients, and not have to worry about being behind a teller line or dealing with a teller drawer. Some of the other areas that we looked at are offices that really lent themselves well to having a cash recycler, so an office that maybe had an opportunity at the end of the teller line to deploy the recycler that would allow out associates to take care of those clients in more of a universal role.

Sendy Medrano, Service Leader, South Monroe Office, Capital City Bank: We have been able to deepen our relationship with the customers. We've been able to discover other needs that they need through casual conversation because we've been able to focus on the client instead of the actual cash handling part.

Tiffany DuBois, Vice President, Digital Channels, Capital City Bank: As we look to do future office renovations, as well as new builds, we're definitely going to be looking again to ARCA to help us with those deployments and continue that automation as we look to have more technology incorporated into our offices.