The ARCA Implementation

Advia Credit Union - MI, WN, IL


Advia Credit Union - The ARCA Implementation Experience

Portia Powell, Southgate Branch Manager, Advia Credit Union:  "ARCA has, truthfully in my opinion, mastered their process. ARCA did a really good job of helping us transition internally to the recyclers.

So they show up at, you know, if they say 8:00, they're there at 8:00. They have the recyclers, they have their team, they're ready to go. There was one machine installed. Once that one was fully operational, fully ready to go, then we moved on to the next machine, added more tellers on, and started processing it. That way, our whole lobby wasn't interrupted as these machines were getting installed, so it really helped us to be able to get them installed on a day when we were actually still open and members were coming in and out of the door.

ARCA delivered on what they told us that they would do, so it made it easier for us to implement. They actually stayed with us for a few days, made sure we were comfortable with how the process was going. My team had a little bit of apprehension because they were the first, but once they got used to them and they were fully functioning, I mean, they live and die by those things at this point. They love the machines, and it's made our processes and our day-to-day much easier and a lot more efficient."