The ARCA Difference at Washington Trust

What's it like working with ARCA?


Branch Transformation at Washington Trust Bank

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The ARCA Difference at Washington Trust

What's it like working with ARCA?

The ARCA Difference at Washington Trust Bank

Jim Branson, Senior Vice President, Director of Retail Banking: Our experience with working with ARCA has been amazing. We went through quite the gauntlet before we selected ARCA. And there were some bigger players in the market, but for us, the customer service and the attention that we got from everybody throughout the ARCA organization was amazing and it was exactly as advertised.

Jake McCarty, Vice President, Retail Group Operations Manager: ARCA has been a great partner with us from the very beginning. We reached out to ARCA over the website and filled out a little form, because I didn't know who they were, I hadn't actually heard the name before, and quickly, a sales representative contacted us back and offered to come and visit us in person. And it was a great experience, just from the very beginning. He came in and was willing to work with us, and you could tell he felt confident in the product and had no issues with allowing the product to sell itself.

And it was a good sales process because it didn't feel like that typical, "Here," pushy, you know, reach out to everybody in the organization to try and get an in. It was, "Here's our product. We stand behind it, we believe in it, and we'll work with you to get that to work." And it did take a little while, and there was... You know, they had patience with us as we went through our process to make sure that this was a good fit for the company.

Cathie Winegar, Vice President, Retail Operations Manager: We typically do business with organizations that we feel blend well with our culture, and choosing ARCA was definitely an easy decision. Their employees have been absolutely wonderful to us. They have been down-to-earth. They've been helpful. They've had great suggestions on how to utilize the product that would be a best fit for Washington Trust Bank.

Jake McCarty: We felt like they understood us, and so that was a great, refreshing change to some of the other sales processes that we went through with other vendors. We didn't feel like we were this tiny fish in a big pond but felt like they were truly trying to understand us and tailoring the needs to fit what Washington Trust Bank needed instead of just, "Here's the device that we think is best for you. Why don't you buy a bunch of them?"

Mollie Treppiedi, Assistant Branch Manager: Working through the process of installation was easy. They were incredibly hands-on with us, explaining how the machines work, how they would fit in with what our process was. It was a very streamlined installation process.

Tami Ferguson, Retail Group Manager: My experience with ARCA has been fabulous, quite honestly. They've been really responsive, and I always hear great things. I hear great things about the service level, the response, and really just the usability of it. I think the front line has really adapted and they enjoy having them.

Jake McCarty: We hear quite often, you know, after a couple weeks of having the recycler by their side, "If you take this thing away from me, I'm quitting."