Teller Talk

Lake City Bank, Indiana


Nichelle Ganger, Teller, Lake City Bank, Goshen, IN: I didn't even know a cash recycler even existed until I started working here. I was like, "Oh, that's pretty cool."
Anita Huff, Teller and CSR, Lake City Bank: It has really made it much easier. The transactions go much quicker now.
Naldia Frye, Teller, Lake City Bank: I feel I can be more relaxed when we're doing it because you can talk more to the customer. You're not you know, counting and have to stop because they wanna talk to you or tell you something, and then you restart and try to remember where you were.
Anita Huff: It definitely takes a lot of pressure off of me when it comes to having offages or you know running the risk of should someone come in and say, "Give me all your money." I'm like, "Well, I don't have anything to give you."
Shelby Looney, Teller: I do feel like it's a lot safer just because we don't have all that money in our drawer because it's basically like a mini vault.
Anita Huff: It's a pretty simple machine to learn how to work, really. It's pretty self-explanatory, you put the money here, it spits it out here. If it doesn't like the bill, then you figure out why. So it's a really simple system and I don't know. I really enjoy it, and it was easy to learn.
Lisa Fitzgerald, Retail Support Officer: We decided we would put a cash recycler in our drive through. So when we went over to talk to the tellers that we are going to put them in the drive through the tellers that are there, one of the tellers has been with the bank for 30 years, the other has been with us for 17 years. So it was really hard for them to understand the concept of a cash recycler than them just counting the money. They had a really hard time dealing with that. "How are we gonna do our job efficiently by having this machine here?" They had the machine in the drive up for two days, and they wanted to talk to me. And they told me that they loved the machine and did not want us to take it out.
Kevin Deardorff, Executive Vice President, Retail Banking, Lake City Bank: They said, "Don't ever take these things away." That was really kind of the ultimate test for us. So the word got around pretty quick, everybody wants them.