Technology & the Branch of the Future



Brian Alfano, Vice President of Member Services, Unitus Community Credit Union:

The future is a big question. We talk about it a lot in our strategic planning at the leadership level. And, right now, we don't fully know what the future is. If you ask me two years ago, would I be able to make a payment with my watch? I would have said no, but we can today. We can actually make a payment through Apple Pay on our watch. And so what we really look at is how do we make sure that we have flexibility to take on any technology or process improvements that may happen within the industry.

And so we're designing our branch strategy moving forward to be able to be reactive to the changes in our industry. Today, I don't know what that is. It may be interactive teller machines. It may not. Members may actually really value that true in-person personal touch and that's where we believe it is today. That's why we've gone with the recyclers because we can still manage that in-person high touch transaction but make it as efficient as possible.